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    Welcome to your website!

    Welcome to the re-designed website dedicated to the America Trucker - www.AmericaMovesByTruck.com. Without you, the American Trucker, this great country of ours would come to a halt! You work relentless hours just to deliver the goods America wants. From bicycles to cars - from corn to gasoline - from sheet metal to washer machines. The only thing not delivered by truck is a baby. Thank you for your sacrifices and hard work. Be safe and roll on!

    Check out these fantastic tools available to you:

    **COMING SOON** - Fuel Mileage Tracking! Keep track of your fuel economy while keeping up with scheduled maintenance!

    **NEW** - Truck Stop Directory - Find over 5,000 truckstops by state!

    **NEW** - Find the states with the best fuel prices by checking out the "Fuel Price Index".

    Get the latest industry news from trusted sources like OOIDA, Transport Topics, Yahoo! Finance and TruckNews Canada.

    Lookup fuel prices from major truck stop chains by selecting "Fuel Prices".

    Ever wanted to know what the rolling resistance of your tires are? Select "Rolling Resistance" and check it out!